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Twilight princess midna

Twilight princess midna

Love is like a rose it blums of beauty until it weathers away into a sweet aroma that will forever be stuck in your nose.

Unless you hate the smell and through it out then you can just say a different flower.

A poet who tried to explain love as a flower
No matter what never lose faith in yourself. In the end the only person you can count on is yourself. Someone who believes in you :)
No matter when people get mad at you just leave them alone for awhile they may just come back to you. But if they don’t they the were a waste of your time… Someone who just gave up on trying to make people happy.
My past is my past… don’t judge me for being honest. Or better yet don’t ask me questions that will lead you to judge me. A girl who hates and dislikes people who toy with your heart.





The Potoo - Either the most unphotogenic or the most ridiculous looking bird in the world.

unphotogenic? these are my favorite pictures of any bird ever

This look like a Hayao Miyazaki creature.

OMG I’m still laughing HELP.

you adorably ugly little things

“So you think I’m immature because I like to have fun, but you think some bird is HILARIOUS?” “DO YOU SEE THIS??? -crying-“

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I think my mouth is hanging open…


so many feels

Is Snape lying in a bed of lilies because if so this picture just got a thousand times better.

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People say freedom comes with a price. Well my price for my freedom my or will cost me my life… Words by a misunderstood girl with a broken past and life threatening future.
Omg first episode was awesome can’t wait for more :P

Omg first episode was awesome can’t wait for more :P